Save 50% or more on your In-Circuit and Functional test costs.

Today, many major companies use the GameChanger system — and some of those companies are making the smart move to using our cassettes exclusively.

Because GameChanger presents a simple but powerful way to do low-cost test.

Our Docking Station incorporates test options that never change.

Think about that.

Current “wisdom” says to add test options to every test fixture … every time.

And, those same current test fixtures are also expensive … every time.

Here’s what GameChanger does to save you money.

We add test options once — and you can use that Docking Station and its already-present test options over and over with our economical GameChanger cassettes — saving you money.

For example, the majority of “current” ICT fixtures include the added cost of a MUX card for sensor plate testing — in GameChanger, that’s now built in.

You heard right: you buy ONE docking station, but use your test options forever.

The advantage? Your cassette costs are lower. Your support is simplified. Your stress is reduced.

What that means to your company …

  • You save on material costs because of the one-time purchase of Docking Station with built-in options.
  • TestMAX significantly reduces costs for engineering and customization because of GameChanger cassette standardization.
  • You know your costs from the start, because of TestMAX’s up-front Do-it-Yourself pricing — just one example of the GameChanger policy of transparency.

TestMAX calls that a GameChanger!

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